Guild Wars

Thus Far

The group has survived the searing, passed through the Hydra’s Lair and made contact with Captain Osrik in Yak’s Bend. Along the way they encountered a strange Lizard-like man, this man gave them an orb to summon him when they desired his help. A young girl from their past appears before them warning not to trust the lizard man who speaks of Kralkatoric. Most recently the group was sent off to try and find the great wizard Valmar, they explored his tower and found a diary with the las entry being written a month ago, it read, “I fear the beast has his eyes set on Ascalon, I will stop him at all costs. Kralkatoric shall not rise again!”. Having not found the wizard they return back to Captain Osrik with the news. Unfortunatly, they unwittingly tell the lizard man, who disguised himself as the Captain of all that has gone on. As soon as they speak of Gwen the Lizard seems rather eager to find her and rushes off.



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